Plant design

  • Substations and transformer cabins for electricity
  • Indoor and outdoor public lighting
  • Ground plants
  • Cogeneration
  • Systems with redundant power sources
  • Panels design

Instrumental design

  • Choice of instruments and suppliers management
  • Design of instruments on the plant
  • Electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic instrumentation panels
  • Intrinsically safe systems
  • Instrumental panels / PLC automation


  • Tools and suppliers
  • Implementation of state of the art solutions
  • Creation of new ad hoc design solutions
  • Systems integration
  • Multidisciplinarity

A partner for your projects

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Sinergo Enterprise, thanks to its competences, can be your overall technological partner. You develop your business, we think on how to make things work.

We can create ad hoc solutions that better fit your ideas and needs, evaluate the feasibility of a given project, scout the necessary tools, and suggest you where to recover what we cannot develop or provide directly.

The customer is our most important asset. Only he, in fact, can truly know his sphere of action and which tools he needs. Set a meeting with us. Together we can see how to make your processes more efficient.

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