The company


The origins

What today is known the Engineering Company Sinergo Enterprise S.r.l. was born as Sinergo S.a.s., a service company supporting the professional activity of Eng. Paolo Maria Junginger.
Eng. Junginger, graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in Electrical Engineering. After a period of activity at the engineering company Chemint S.r.l. in Milan, specialized in chemical plants (from 1976 to 1985),he took up his own profession and founded Sinergo S.a.s.


Sinergo Enterprise

Sinergo S.a.s. transmitted its activities, means and skills to the engineering and technological services company known as Sinergo Enterprise, owned by Marco Astolfi, who was coming from relevant experiences in the field of IT and telecommunications, and Stefano P.I. Benvenuto, whose expertice was in the field of verifications of the electro-medical instrumentation sector.


The evolution

Sinergo Enterprise has extended its activities in the field of civil engineering and architecture thanks to the professional skills of freelance architects who have entered into a stable collaboration with the company.
From 2002 to 2008, through the subsidiary SINERGO MISURE Srl, it extended the measurement activity sphere with the calibration of electrical and mechanical measuring instruments and, more generally, in dealing with quality issues.


The expansion of the company

The company has raised its professionalism thanks to the arrival in the company of Eng. Andrea Meazza, whose skills range from the field of automation to those of electrical systems.
A year later, following the growing importance of new information technologies, it has been launched a new branch aimed at software and at systems integration.
The well established knowledge of the dynamics and needs of the industrial sector and the ability to face challenges in a structured and engineering way, combined with the new skills of IT engineers, such as Engineer Fabio Spadea, and the electronics engineers that have joined of the staff, created an excellent combination for the development of the new branch, which immediately led to great results.


New Areas

In the last years, the company has been especially focused on the embedded systems field, also due to the entry into the company of the professional figure of engineer Giacomo Junginger, who graduated from the Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on: 'Design of a board based on ARM'.
The development of this new technological area has led Sinergo Enterprise to create innovative systems and research projects based on these new technologies for a variety of sectors such as: high-end automotive, data analysis in steel plants, multimedia content distribution, home and building automation.


25 years of activity

Sinergo Enterprise successfully and proudly reaches the milestone of 25 years of activity.


The opening of the first branch abroad

To meet the need of the growing Swiss market, in July 2021 Sinergo opens its first branch in Lugano, named SINERGO ENTERPRISE SRL, branch of Lugano.
Thanks to this new opening, Sinergo expands its chances of interaction with foreign markets and brings its skills to the Swiss land adding also new human resources into the company.

The team

Paolo Junginger

Electrical engineer

Giacomo Junginger

Electronics engineer

Andrea Meazza

Electrical engineer

The vision

Our history is constantly evolving,
our answers are up to date with the new technologies and
our research are always a step forward!

Our results are a consequence of us being strongly passionate and dedicated to this work, and it is this passion that allows us to easily keep up with the times, since innovations are not merely a task, but a pleasure.

In the operative field, we follow a rigorous working path, from its design to the implementation.The customer focus and his needs are the top priority to identify the most suitable solutions to his requests. It is therefor essential for us to have a constant comparison and a fruitful collaboration with him, from the beginning, and throughout the design phase, revising each time what is being designed in order to arrive at an ever more precise and satisfying final idea.

Furthermore, in the IT field, before the final development is achieved, we offer a demo to provide the customer with a more concrete and effective idea of what will be realized.

What distinguishes our output is the quality of the product. Regarding the plant, the design is at an industrial level and it is appreciated and internationally recognized. In the IT sector, we guarantee a product that is not only solid and long-lasting, but it is designed to make the customer more and more autonomous.

We work to provide you with a good service.
It is satisfying for you, it is rewarding for us.