Sinergo Enterprise S.r.l.: il tuo partner tecnologico


Our activity is aimed at supporting the customer from the initial design and feasibility assessment phase to its complete realization and operation.

We mainly operate in the field of 'Building Technologies', both for industrial and for the tertiary sector, in both public and private area.

However, our intervention often covers the entirety of the work, thus also including building and architectural designs.

Main areas of intervention

Energy related fields

  • Electrical substations and electrical transformer substations
  • Renewable sources, energy diagnosis and efficiency
  • Continuity systems and redundant power supply
  • Distribution networks
  • Distribution board
  • Technological service systems for factories and buildings
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Public lighting
  • Sound diffusion systems
  • Ground plants

Automation / System integration / Networks

  • Control systems for plants and processes
  • Remote management supervision systems
  • Management of data flows
  • Building and home automation
  • PLC programming
  • Systems monitoring
  • Data network and computer systems
  • Telephony and video intercom


  • Classification of areas at greatest risk and with explosion and fire danger
  • Fire prevention, fire and gas detection and extinguishing systems
  • VV.F. practices
  • Assessment and containment of light and acoustic pollution
  • Calculation of lightning risk, design of protections from atmospheric discharges
  • Anti-intrusion, anti-robbery, anti-burglary systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Access control